Shannon Jager is a Canadian graphic designer who currently works at Pentagram. She recently graduated with a MFA in design from The School of Visual Arts, and currently lives and works in New York City.

Please feel free to contact me at shannon.jager@doubledotmagazine

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  • Quill & Quire Magazine
  • September 2015 Redesign Launch Issue | Cover Illustration by Frank Viva

    ‘Quill & Quire Magazine’ Brand Identity, Editorial Design

    Founded in 1933,The Canadian literary magazine Quill & Quire has been profiling authors, news about upcoming books and developments in the Canadian industry over the past 80 years. In developing a new identity and editorial design for the Quill & Quire we wanted to capture the titles legacy and create a new structure for its readers. For the redesign we spent weeks digging through the archives and flipping through issues from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Myself, Alison Jones [publisher] and Sue Carter [editor] were enchanted by the sophisticated design of the past issues. And became particularly drawn to the original hand-drawn logo.

    Orignal 1933 Quill & Quire Logo

    2015 Redrawn Logo for the September Redesign

    The original logo was beautiful and inviting, and after showcasing it in our 80th anniversary issue, it became apparent it was a chance to recognize the long history of the magazine, while giving it a fresh look. The logo was redrawn in Adobe Illustrator, capturing the fine lines, long ascenders and hand-drawn curves. Only the ampersand was modified, to improve its readability. The publication used its previous logo, featuring its signature red bar, over the past 24 years with two variations.

    Orignal 1933 Quill & Quire Logo

    One of the redesigns most important features in the use of a navigation bar that can be seen on the cover and at the beginning of each section. The navigation bar can be divided in various ways depending on the particular sections needs. Quill & Quire was in need of a new display type that was epressive and strongly connected to the heritage of the long legacy of the publication. I choose to introduce the modern typeface Belwe. The typeface Belwe, created in 1926 by German typographer and teacher Georg Belwe, has an uncommon style that is difficult to describe. It is a synthesis of many different genres: it is a slab serif with Art Nouveau style but also with many blackletter influences. The angled serifs on the ascenders and the calligraphic flourishes on the the upper and lowercase V, W, and Ys reference marks made by pens.

    Introducing a new focus on art in each issue, a higher importance was placed on photography, illustration and a new standard for the treatment of book covers was created. Quill & Quire showcases numerous titles each Issue, and to create a stronger platform to display them on, it was decided to shoot the covers instead of simply placing the image into the production.

    On the left are pages of Quill & Quire prior to the redesign. On the right are the redesigned pages for the September 2015 Issue.

    After adding a navigation bar to the top for magazine stands, olacing the new logo and introducing Belwe. The Septermber 2015 Issue was released with the talented Frank Viva illustrating the cover.